Huwebes, Marso 21, 2013

Why People Love A Smartphone

The Smartphone has become man’s best friend. Many lives are influenced and revolve around the use of their Smartphones. Its ability to connect people via its applications is affecting and changing the way we live. Applications that come with these mobile devices have become an integral part of our daily existence. Nowadays there is an application for just about anything that has proven to be useful for all its users.

The Smartphone has played its role in satisfying its users to always stay connected. Almost everyone in every part of the world is using it. There are countless things to do with this device that makes it more special. It is an all-in-one or multi tool which is portable and handy. This has gradually become an extension to us and serves like an important part of our body. The Smartphones may be the most influential and powerful invention of the past twenty years. All kinds of people use them from businessmen, students, old people and even the pope own a Smartphone.

The Smartphone contributed so much on the way we run and go through life and our business. Aside from storing data and documents, it is an all-in-one tool that works as a calendar, organizer, calculator and a whole lot more, providing instant access to the internet anywhere anytime and most importantly keeping you in touch with family and friends are constantly.

There are other reasons why mobile users use a Smartphone:

·         Smartphones are ultra-light compared to the regular cell phone. They come in sleek designs in portable sizes. Smartphones have big screens with good to great resolutions that make a difference in the display and handling of these devices.

·         These Smartphones includes tools such as calculators, camera, map applications and GPS. Most Smartphones have the ability to support 3rd party or browser based programs which could perform multiple task and functions. This is becoming popular for many Smartphones since it allows users to customize their Smartphones to meet their needs and support their lifestyles. An example of such application is the spy software that can transform your Smartphone into a surveillance device. An example for this is the Flexispycell phone tapping software which be installed to any Smartphone.

·         Most Smartphones that are out in the market today have at least 5 megapixel camera with additional features like its zoom features and its capability to play and record an audio or video. It also includes organizational features like calendars, reminder and task list that have been helpful for most people.

·         The pillar of a business and relationship is communication. The primary function of Smartphone is as a cellular phone. It includes all the typical features of a mobile phone such as speakerphone, three way calling, voice dialing, call waiting, caller id and a whole lot more.

·         The battery life span could last a whole day or more

Martes, Marso 5, 2013

Pros and Cons of Jailbreaking An iPhone

If you want to bypass the restrictions that Apple implements on the operating systems of their devices such as the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch then you are contemplating of jaibreaking these devices. There are a lot of reasons why Apple device users want to jailbreak their phones but along with these benefits are some disadvantages that you should know. Apple implements a very stringent measure and standard of security in order to protect their gadgets against malicious programs. But with these tough restrictions, mobile users feel that they could not enjoy more tweaking and applications to use on their devices. Here are the pros and cons of jailbreaking an iPhone (or any Apple device) that you should know about.

Good Reasons to Jailbreak an iPhone

Access to more cool applications

While the Apple store offers its consumers many applications that are free or by paid subscriptions on various categories, there are more cooler applications that you could possible use on your device other than those that Apple store can offer. Cydia is the store hub for jailbroken iPhones where you can find countless applications at your own disposal. 

Quick process of accessing your device on a computer

It usually takes a few seconds before you can launch access to your iPhone to a computer when using a jailbroken device. Because you bypass Apple’s security system you are no longer required to install any iTunes update or updating your operating system.

Reverting to the original setting
The best thing about jailbreaking your iPhone is that it is reversible and you can always restore back the original setting of the device. The Smartphone does not lose the security system embedded in the device but you simply bypass it when you jailbreak the unit.

Risk free feature

You need not be scared of losing your other applications when you jailbreak your iPhone. It merely adds more features that allow you to install applications that are not available in the Apple store. If you don’t want your jailbreak experience, you can always restore everything.

Bad Reasons to Jailbreak an iPhone

Voiding your phone warranty

Others may tell you that jailbreaking your iPhone will not void its warranty. That is not always the case. In some countries, jailbreaking a device is legal but it does not follow that doing so will still retain the warranty on the phone. It is always the risk you have to take when you jailbreak your device.

Unstable programs

Mobile users who jailbreak their device complain that the iPhone’s performance becomes slow. Some even crashes. The applications run too slow and the programs are so unstable that you may experience your device to stall or freeze. Even iPhone tracking app reviews would indicate this instability of running programs on the device. 

Delayed updates

Apple has one of the strongest and most reliable operating system security for mobile devices. You will lose this privilege of receiving security updates available for your jailbroken iPhone. It may take quite long or maybe never at all that an update for your software will be available. 

Bugs with no fixes

It is infuriating to experience bugs on your device and the developer cannot fix it. Because there is no solution for these bugs, you have no other choice but to depart from your favorite application by removing the program from your device. It is best to weight the pros and cons if you are contemplating whether to jailbreak your iPhone or not. But your most concern should always be protecting your mobile data and enjoy the features available for your device without compromising its security system.